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Oyster Mushroom Spawn UK


Oyster Mushroom Spawn UK


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Get stuck in and do the whole growing process yourself. This box contains enough Oyster mushroom spawn to grow more than 4kgs of Oyster mushrooms. You can use it to inoculate either straw or waste coffee grounds.

The box includes:
  • 2.8kg of quality Oyster mushroom spawn
  • 20 Mushroom cultivation bags

 Who Is This For?

This is for anyone who wants to get involved a step further than our super simple GroCycle Kits.

With this spawn pack, you'll do the whole process yourself - inoculating a bulk load (around 15-20kg) of either waste coffee grounds or pasteurised straw (not included).

There are no instructions; you'll need to already know how to grow mushrooms - if you don't and you want to learn, then check out our Online Course.

You might want to use this pack as part of a workshop, course - or purely for your own interest. Maybe you've done our Online Course and now want to put it into practice!

This is the cheapest supply for larger bags of Oyster mushroom spawn in the UK. It's a high yielding strain, which grows well on both coffee and straw.

Strain Information

Sep - mid April: Winter Oyster 2191 (full strain info here)

mid April - August: Summer Oyster 2204 (full strain info here)


Note: the spawn contained in this pack is alive and should be used within 1 week of receiving or can be stored in a fridge for up to 1 month.

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